Well, it happened again. I found myself having to get out of bed and get ready for work instead of driving to Helena to collect my Powerball winnings. Kind of bummed out about the whole thing, but as they say "you can try and fail, but don't fail to try." So fingers crossed my numbers will be drawn next time.

Unfortunately, the billion-dollar run on the Powerball jackpot has ended. It looks like a winner has been announced in California. Meaning one lucky person in that state will take home $2.04 billion dollars.

Many people, much like myself, like to complain when they don't win. Saying things like "the game is rigged" or "it's a scam." I have always wondered why some states seem to be luckier than others. Why do states like California and Florida always tend to have more lottery winners than places like Montana? It's simple really. A larger population of people playing the lottery.

Montana lottery/YouTube
Montana lottery/YouTube

Montana isn't always unlucky though. Montana has actually had a few Powerball winners in the past. Actually, 4 Powerball winners, to be exact. No billion-dollar jackpots, but some millionaires have been made here in the Treasure State.

Back in 2010, two people split a giant jackpot of $48.5 million dollars in Helena. Kim Claassen and Joseph Lamport, Jr split the jackpot. But, only after Kim accidentally ripped up the winning ticket into four pieces. Kim said she thought the winning numbers were for a different day's drawing and tore up the ticket. Only to have Joseph tape it back together to discover they were millionaires.

You see, we are not unlucky here in Montana. In fact, we are about in the middle of the pack when it comes to other states' Powerball winners.

NOTE: I am happy to announce that I did win a whopping $4 in the last drawing. So I will be expecting my oversized check from the state any day now.

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