A few years back, we invited listeners to share with us some creepy stories. The following is a great example of what we are looking for with the contest. Read Tricia's story about her ghostly encounter at the University of Montana.

Our local paranormal investigation team, Tortured Souls Investigations, has captured an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of a someone answering a question. Rankin Hall has also been known to have a "Phantom Class." We have heard stories in the past from custodians that work on campus much like Tricia's story she presented to us recently.

I used to work at the University as a custodian, one evening I was cleaning Rankin Hall in the basement, I was trying to pass the time waiting for a class to finish up upstairs, I heard desks moving, people talking and walking around, eventually all the noise stopped, I never saw anyone come down the stairs at all, went up there and there was nobody to be found. There was only 2 ways out, the front door and the fire escape, I am sure I would have heard people leave for as many people I heard up there.

The overall vibe in the older buildings on campus is creepy. Main Hall, Rankin Hall and Knowles Hall all have regular claims of paranormal activity. everything from doors opening and closing on their own, to the sounds of footsteps. Claims of perfume and cigar smoke are also made on a fairly regular basis. It takes a special kind of person to be a custodian on the University of Montana campus.

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