Earlier this year, Michael highlighted an absolutely creepy town that is a relic of the Cold War; St. Marie, Montana. Some of the pictures are absolutely haunting, but is it the most haunted place in Montana? I don't think it is because there's an older town in Montana that is also one of the most haunted places in the Treasure State. And, as you know, haunted places are the creepiest.

It used to be Montana's capital city.

Credit: The Travel Channel on YouTube
Credit: The Travel Channel on YouTube

Virginia City is a semi-ghost town in Southwestern Montana. It's rife with history, being founded in 1863 during the gold rush. The former territorial capital is now a massive tourist attraction, but at night, the town's creepy and haunted side comes out. Especially on Idaho Street.

The Bonanza Inn, which I've covered briefly before, has had multiple instances of paranormal activity. One of the most famous incidents happened in 1975 when an ill patron was woken up by loud knocking at his door. When he opened the door, nobody was there, and he heard knocking at his window, which also didn't have anyone there. After that incident, the Bonanza was closed for 20 years.

Spirits are even reported walking the streets at night.

Some folks have seen a couple of different spirits roaming the streets when the sun goes down. A man in a civil war coat that smokes near the boardwalks along with a woman and young girl walking up and down the streets are the largest reported ghosts. Have you seen them?

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While historic and awesome, it's one of the creepiest places you can visit if you don't like the paranormal. But, Virginia City also has the state's oldest bar. Check out that bar by clicking the button below.

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