We're just a few weeks out from Halloween now, and spooky season is starting to ramp up in a big way - it's getting a little chillier out, we're starting to see Halloween decorations all over town, and Montana is becoming overrun with g-g-g-ghosts.

Actually, Montana is no stranger to ghost sightings and strange hauntings, and we're pretty well known for our Old West ghost towns. But which of these ghost towns is definitively the creepiest one?

Well, that's what the folks at Thrillist decided to figure out - they posted an article in which they named the creepiest ghost town in every state in the US. And their choice for Montana? Well, that would be Virginia City.

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Why was Virginia City the pick? A lot of that has to do with the town's history as a "hub of lawlessness," which famously became the home of Calamity Jane. It's a popular tourist destination with a lot of Old West tales, historical artifacts, and of course, ghost stories.

Honestly, looking through the article and exploring some of the ghost towns of other states is a pretty fascinating experience and a good luck into the history of places all over the country. Like, you wouldn't think there would be any kind of ghost town in Hawaii - not like we've got here in Montana - but they've got one!

Do you think Virginia City deserves the title of Montana's creepiest ghost town? Is there another one somewhere in the state that you think deserves it more?

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