Ever think you've seen a g-g-g-ghost? Maybe it's because you're in Montana.

Thrillist put together this list of fourteen abandoned ghost towns across the US that you can actually visit, and Montana towns took up two of the spots. It makes sense - the state is home to a lot of small towns that existed back in the Wild West, aka Prime Ghost Spots. I've seen a lot of Scooby-Doo, so trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

First off, they mention Virginia City, the town best known as the former home of Calamity Jane and was actually the capital of Montana, pre-statehood. Nobody lives there now, but a lot of the buildings have been restored and it's a pretty popular tourist destination.

Then they talk about Garnet, a town that has been pretty much abandoned for about a hundred years, when a fire destroyed nearly half of it. Like Virginia City, it's a tourist destination, with about 30 historical buildings remaining.

So where do the ghosts come in? Is it possible Thrillist meant "ghost" as in "there's nobody living in these towns anymore?" Uh... well, yeah, maybe, but I CHOOSE to believe that after all the tourists go home, the saloons and bars come to life with tons of a ghosts in a Night at the Museum-style series of hijinks.

Even if they didn't make the list for having actual ghosts, still cool to see these towns make the list. Have you ever stopped by Virginia City or Garnet?

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