The 2017 fire season has been a rough one indeed. It is so dry that officials warn to "not even fart out there." It is so bad that a hungry hawk and his prey managed to start a 40 acre fire near Great Falls, MT.

According to the Great Falls Tribune

Dave Lee, acting assistant chief of the Black Eagle Fire Department, says he has a pretty good idea of what caused a fire that burned 40 acres in Black Eagle Wednesday.

"A dead hawk was found burned and it had contacted the power lines," Lee said. "The amazing thing is it still had a small snake gripped in its talons."

It isn't uncommon for a squirrel or a bird to make a mistake and meet an electrifying end. But, to fall to the ground and ignite a 40 acre fire? That is one hell of a way to go out.

Back in 2011, a deer fawn caused a power outage Montana. The deer was found hanging from power lines, and is believed to have been dropped by an eagle.

Either way, they are the definition of a "crispy critter."

Be safe out there and beware animals falling from the sky.

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