On Monday’s Talk Back show on KGVO, we took calls from two merchants are who glad to be back in business, Peak Health and Wellness Centers and Majestic Madness hair salon.

Susie from the Peak described some of the measures being taken to comply with health department guidelines and to provide more safety to clients and staff.

“We are temperature-checking everyone through the door as well as with a really quick health screen,” began Susie. “We’re making sure we have everyone’s current picture and updated contact information. Obviously we’re practicing our social distancing and we’ve spread out our equipment to maintain those requirements. Thos that we couldn’t move we’ve made unavailable as well as on our cardio-deck. We’re not able to do any group fitness or cycling classes at this time, but we are going to start outdoor classes next week.”

Susie said they have special equipment to sanitize fitness equipment that is used by a wide variety of people.

“We’ve bought something called a Geneon Mister that is a chlorine based solution that is a really great disinfectant, so we’re able to disinfect a large area of equipment, as well as dumbbells and mats very quickly and thoroughly,” she said. “We’re just stepping up our cleaning processes and educating our members on how to help us out.”

Following Susie’s call, KGVO heard from Tanya, from Majestic Madness hair Salon with her take on the closures and recent re-openings.

“Instead of getting angry or whatever, I helped get other people together to work with the health department to do these best opening practices so that we could reopen our businesses with confidence,” said Tanya. “Once you get a little more on the positive side of things and say ‘hey, this is just a wake-up call’, then you start to implement sanitation things that maybe went to the wayside over the last 20 years because you got busy and forgot to do the things you learned in beauty school.”

Tanya explained the many ways her shop is attempting to keep their clients as safe as possible while receiving her services.

“We’re screening them through text messaging and through talking to them on the phone prior to asking them about their symptoms that they may have had over the last three days,” she said. “We’re following all the guidelines that the health department gave us, and as a salon we’ve also implemented our own and we’re even more strict in other areas.”

Tanya said she has a ready answer for those who feel that wearing a mask is a violation of their civil liberties.

“We’ve had a couple of people who said ‘I refuse to wear a mask because it violates my civil liberties’,” she said. “I say to them, that I’m actually 100 percent with you, but on a different note that with your civil liberties you can choose not to do business with us due to the fact that you won’t wear one, only because that’s what we need to do right now in order to have our business open.”

According to the Missoula City County Health Department, hair salons were allowed to reopen as o May 11 while gyms and health cubs were allowed to reopen on May 15.

(The stock photo above is not indicative of the social distancing measures being required by health clubs at this time.)

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