President Biden will be announcing a policy to request that all those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID 19 receive a booster vaccine.

KGVO reached out to Missoula City County Health Department COVID Incident Commander Cindy Farr on how this will be implemented in Missoula.

“We've been preparing for this announcement to come out and we are 100% prepared for people to come in and start getting that third dose,” said Farr. “What we know about the vaccine is that it does give you the immunity, but sometimes that immunity starts to wane after several months. That's what the studies have been showing is that after about eight months or so, the immunity starts to drop off and so getting that third booster dose is going to bump your immunity back up, and that's particularly important right now as we are seeing more and more cases of the Delta variant here in Missoula County.”

Farr said there is no difference in getting a booster whether you received a two-shot vaccination or the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“Actually, its just as important for people who got the two dose series to get a booster as for those that got the Johnson and Johnson one dose series, “ she said. “Simply because that's what the studies are showing, are that even after the first two doses, that third booster dose is just going to give you that much more immunity.”

For those who have chosen not to be vaccinated, Farr said there is no time like the present to take the vaccine.

“There's definitely time for them to catch up,” she said. “We still recommend that if you have waited to get vaccinated until now, definitely come on and get vaccinated. It is not too late. The sooner you do it, the better, as we are seeing increasing cases here in Missoula County, but it's never too late to get vaccinated.”

Farr said the health department is recommending masks in all indoor situations.

“It is the recommendation from the CDC right now that whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, that you wear a mask whenever you're going to be at an indoor public space with people, especially if you can't socially distance,” she said. “So if you're going to an event or even out to the grocery store, whether you're vaccinated or not, we know that masks will help reduce that transmission, and so, we are recommending that everyone in all indoor public places and if you're going to go to a large event that everyone just mask up.”

All MCPS students K-12 will be required to wear masks or face coverings in school through October 1.

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