To say that Missoula is "unique" would be an understatement. From Stoner Games to Goat Races, there is no place on earth like it.

After living here for a good while, things that would make an average person say "This can't be a thing" is only all too normal to you. Think about it. We have a river where you can surf, a college football fan base that is so crazy it would give Alabama a run for its money, and events that range from the World Famous Testicle Festival (RIP) to Championship Goat Races!

Yes, Missoula. They are back. Highlander Beer is hosting their second annual "Goat Race". I remember when they hosted this last year, and I thought "This is definitely a Missoula thing". I mean the weirder the better, right? As a matter of fact, they had over 500 people show up to last year's event, and it looks like it's going even bigger this year. Check out the details.

The Highlander Beer 2nd Annual Goat Race

Date: Sunday, October 1st

Where: Highlander Brewery (200 International Dr, Missoula)


  • Goats and handlers must stay on the course during the race
  • Must keep goat on a leash unless racing or in the pen (pen will be provided)
  • Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • No contact with races. No pushing/shoving etc.
  • Bracket-style racing. Two goats per race/12 goats total
  • Goat wranglers get free beer (3 beers total per brewery rules)

With the success of last year, I would get signed up asap if you are interested. Now, you probably don't have a goat just sitting in the backyard, but chances are you know someone that does. I mean c'mon, it's Montana. We all have that weird uncle or neighbor that either has a goat you can borrow or knows a guy..

Good luck to all the goat racers, and thumbs up to Highlander for hosting another crazy Missoula event.

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