Highly Suspect have gone the conceptual route for their latest video. The clip for "Little One" finds singer Johnny Stevens as a thrift store manager who is becoming a bit unhinged after learning that a pair of policemen (played by Highly Suspect's Rich and Ryan Meyer) are paying him a visit.

Set in the mid-1980's, the “Little One” video was co-directed by DJay Brawner and Johnny Stevens himself. The vocalist says, "'Little One' is about love slipping through the cracks. It's the feeling you have when you know you just lost your lover, your right hand, your best friend. Our videos try to capture emotion. Standing in an empty room pretending to play instruments is something you'll never see us do."

He continues, "I grew up watching real music videos. Stories. ‘Thriller' comes to mind. You already know we're a band. Why do you need to see a guitar? As artists, we need to continue making art in all aspects. The actual ‘Little One’ in this video is played by the real life woman the song was written about, Madison Parker ... and that was the last time I saw her. The irony here, is that the band pulls me away from love. It's very true to life.​​​​​​​"

"Little One" is the second single from Highly Suspect's latest album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, following on the heels of the chart-topping "My Name Is Human." Highly Suspect are currently touring in support of the album.

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