The "local deer herd" seems to be getting larger and larger each year. I'm talking about the deer that live within the Missoula city limits. These deer are living a life of luxury, as they have all the fresh green lawn grass they can eat. Not to mention all those pretty tulips your neighbor had growing earlier this spring. Mmmmmm delicious. These local deer have little to no predators, as I haven't seen a wolf wandering downtown lately. They also are not pressured by hunting, because good luck asking your neighbor for permission to hang a tree stand in their backyard. The only real threat they face, is not obeying traffic laws. Other than that, the deer are free to grow as big and fat as they want.

But the local herds are getting out of control. According to a KPAX article from February of 2020

"The last time the Missoula City Council dealt with the question, biologists came up with recommendations for fencing and vegetation to ease the conflicts. But now, council members are hearing even those measures aren't working. It's not just the number of deer, but the growing concern of what might happen if the outbreak of disease, such as chronic wasting disease (CWD) becomes a problem."

Regardless of the risk involved, some people have even formed relationships with the local deer. Giving them names and even feeding them (which is illegal btw.) Check out hilarious footage of a wannabe Doctor Doolittle and his relationship with local deer. But first, let's visit some bears.

I'm not going to lie. I have been having weekly conversations with a pair of toads that live in my yard. Needless to say "Zitz" and "Pimple" are pretty cool dudes.

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