If you're looking for work this holiday season, this looks like a great way to do it. Job Service Missoula and Southgate Mall are teaming up to find new employees for the season with a job fair on Saturday, September 20th. You could be looking for a full-time job or just some seasonal work to make a little extra cash - either way, you'll likely find employers who want to talk to talk to you.

This seems like it would be great for college kids in the area looking for seasonal work at the mall, or just anyone who will need some extra money for those expensive holiday gifts. The event is from 3:00 to 6:00 and will take place at the JC Penny Court in Southgate Mall.

Plus, if you're a business looking to hire, you can get in on this. Call 406-728-7060 by the 17th and you can register for a free booth space in the fair.

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