You know you have seen all the holiday shoppers wandering around the mall like a bunch of zombies or cattle. It is the picture of Capitalism. What better way to add a little Anarchy to the picture than some Urban Sprinting.

I suggest you not try this! I have been watching a British show on youtube called "Balls Of Steel". It is a show where contestants see who has the "Biggest balls" and who can prank unsuspecting people in the meanest ways possible.

One of my favorite contestants is a guy named Neg. He is a wild British dude in a cowboy hat, who invents different games to play around town. He calls them "Urban Sports".

In this clip, Neg introduces "Urban Sprinting". It is basically shoplifting without actually stealing anything. You set off an alarm at a shop with a magnet and then run like hell to escape being caught by security.

Neg explains it better than I can:


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