ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe doesn’t fit the mold of the ‘typical’ ladies we feature in the ‘Crush of the Day,’ but Holly gets the nod today for a little stunt she pulled at the end of the Sugar Bowl last night.

Rowe was looking to grab an interview with Michigan coach Brady Hoke after his team’s win against Virginia Tech. It seems that another female reporter was trying to out-scoop our feisty little sideline siren when Holly took matters into her own hands elbows.

And it’s blocked! What an exciting finish to an exciting game! The other woman realizes she better get to stepping and doesn’t even put up a fight as Holly nudges her aside for the score. Kudos to Holly for not taking any turds and doing what she gets paid to do — abuse rival reporters. No? She should get paid to do either that or teach college players how to block properly.