Whoa! This is pretty exciting stuff. The clock is counting down and we're actually getting ready for a real football season this fall. We don't need to spend much time revisiting the cluster that unfolded in 2020. But if your memories are fuzzy I'll give you the CliffsNotes version of Griz football last year: COVID-19 hits, there's still hope for a season, then there's no season, followed by plans of a shortened season, UM drops out of the shortened season, and the Griz finally play two meaningless games in the spring. So by the time early September rolls around - which is crazy to think is five weeks away - it'll be almost 2 years since the Griz played meaningful football.

The Big Sky Conference held their football kickoff event in Spokane today and there was some big news released about the upcoming schedule. The Griz will have three of their games broadcast to nationwide viewers. Two games will be carried by ROOT Sports affiliates, including the "Brawl of the Wild," and a third game will be shown on ESPNU as part of a new deal between the Big Sky Network and ESPN that starts this year.

The three games getting expanded coverage for the Griz are:

OCT 2 - @ Eastern Washington (ESPNU)
OCT 30 - vs Southern Utah (Root Sports)
NOV 20 - 120th Brawl of the Wild vs. Montana State (Root Sports)

Game times haven't been announced for the upcoming season yet.

As a footnote to the exciting Griz news - the only other Big Sky Conference game to be shown on ESPNU will feature Montana State playing on the road against Weber State October 15.

We're still trying to get through the hot weather - but temps will be changing before we know it and it'll be time to play football. Hopes are high for the Griz to take care of business this year.....and that includes taking down MSU!

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