Children of the 80s can remember the day that Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant in a wrestling match. It was possibly the greatest moment in professional wrestling history. But, time has kept marching along and Andre the Giant has since passed away. It is time for a new generation of larger-than-life wrestling stars. And one of these new stars may have played a game or two in Big Sky Country.

Have you ever heard the name John Krahn?

John Krahn may be the largest football player ever. Weighing in at 440 pounds and standing at 7 feet tall. This California man is a giant. John was the focus of many football recruiters and scouts during his time playing football for his Riverside High School football team. While in High School, John had a goal to eventually play football in Montana. But, offers began to pile up from teams like Georgia and Alabama.

Krahn's time in college had its ups and downs. Krahn focused on dropping weight and getting in shape to play at his best. After struggling with grades, he inevitably ended up transferring to the Portland State Vikings. During his Senior year at Portland State, Krahn got an offer he was not expecting. Instead of NFL recruiters reaching out to him about playing professional football, Krahn was approached by the WWE.

According to Inside Portland State

Thanks to a fresh promotional deal he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the 7-foot, 400-pound offensive lineman who spent the last two years playing with PSU Viking Football might get to live out a dream of being a professional athlete.

It just might involve having him dressing in character and taking some body blows in the ring.

“It was definitely a curve ball in the beginning,” Krahn says. “But it’s something I at least want to give a shot to. That’s a professional athletic job. That’s huge. Besides that, it’s something that the little kid in me has always wanted to do. I want to pursue this wholeheartedly.”

The WWE has a program they call "Next in Line." This program aims to recruit college athletes to become WWE stars. Opening a state-of-the-art training center in Orlando for these "Next in Line" recruits to grow their talent.

Krahn graduated last Spring and is currently training at the NIL center in Orlando. Krahn says that if this WWE thing doesn't work out, he plans to find a career in law enforcement.

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