When you stop to think about how fast life is going, it is terrifying. It is like a huge boulder tumbling down a hill, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The speed just keeps going faster and faster the further down the hill it goes. That is how I feel, when I stop and look back at the 20 years I have been with 96.3 The Blaze. Just thinking about it makes me sprout half a dozen more grey hairs. In fact, I plucked one from my beard yesterday, that was nearly as long as my finger. Next stop....Mall Santa.

It is truly humbling to hear from people that say they have "grown up listening to 96.3 The Blaze." So have WE. September of 2001 was when I first walked into the studio and met Angel. I was just a little Freshman at the University of Montana. Fast forward to today, and I am complaining about grey hairs on the internet. Heck, even my fiancé tells stories of skipping classes in High School and listening to the "Nonstop Nooner." Feels kinda creepy every time she brings it up.

Bottom line, all of us have grown up together. And, it has been a blast seeing longtime listeners grow and start their own families. Spawning a new batch of "blazers" that will soon talk about how they "grew up listening to 96.3 The Blaze." In fact, a couple loyal listeners have even gone as far as to name their kids after The Blaze. You may recall, about 9 years ago, when Phil and Brittanie reached out to us to let us know they named their child Jaxson Blaze. We couldn't wipe the smile off of our faces for weeks. How cool is that?

Now, nearly a decade later, we caught up with Phil and Brittanie. Angel ran into Brittanie at the MMIW events this past week. After catching up, Brittanie returned home to tell Phil who she ran into. Shortly after that, Phil sent us an email, informing us that they were inspired to name another child after the Blaze.

According to Phil's email

The youngest, who’ll be 4, Konnor Charles (our ode to the Blaze continued as his initials match a certain badass DJ that you might know…lol).

Never got a chance to let you & KC know that because around the time Konnor was being born I was just starting a new job.

This news has me smiling so BIG that I don't know if it will ever go away. No amount of awards, medals, trophies or "atta boys" will ever amount to knowing how I have touched listeners lives so much, that they went as far as to name their kid after me.

Cheers to Phil, Britanie and their 4 badass boys. Give Konnor a fist bump from "Uncle KC."

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