It seems like everybody is in such a hurry to get where they're going on the roads these days. It's pretty crazy to see how impatient and unsafe some drivers are. Mix that with wintery road conditions and it's not exactly the best combination. Just think how anxious some of those drivers must get when they're having to share the road with snowplow drivers that can only go 35 MPH while plowing and icing the roads.

Be careful out there!

The Montana Department of Transportation took to social media today to post a plea to drivers about remembering to use caution whenever encountering snowplows. Some of the stats included in the post were that 15 plows have been hit by vehicles this winter, 10 have been on the interstate, and the average cost to repair a snowplow after being hit is about $3,000.

The winter weather is already plenty for snowplow drivers to have to deal with as they work long hours to keep the roads in safe conditions, they don't need the added danger of careless drivers to make matters worse. Check out the video above to see what goes into a day on the roads for plow drivers in Missoula and the rest of the state.

Things to keep in mind

It goes without saying that we all need to relax and pack a little patience when trying to get around in the snow and ice. Here are a few reminders from MDT when it comes to sharing the road with snowplows:

Watch for White Outs - Don't drive through the cloud of snow created by the plow. The limited visibility can lead to drivers hitting the plow or other vehicles and objects.

Be Alert - Know your surroundings and the dangers that are possible with trying to pass a plow. Loss of control can lead to collisions, damaged vehicles, injuries, or even death.

Be Patient - Reduce your speed when approaching a snowplow from the rear and give plenty of room to an oncoming plow. Operators will let traffic pass as soon as they can safely do so.

The Montana Department of Transportation reminds you to be prepared, alert, and cautious on the roads during the winter weather. And remember, "DON'T CROWD THE PLOW!"

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