If you have lived in Montana for any length of time during the winter, chances are you have experienced "cabin fever." You know, the feeling you get when you have been stuck indoors for far too long? Just like the feeling you had during much of the pandemic.

"Cabin Fever" is defined as

extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time

There is really only one way to combat cabin fever. You simply need to get out of the house and possibly interact with other humans.

For the folks in Martin City, Montana, cabin fever is an annual nuisance and something that affects much of the community. So, they took it upon themselves to rid the entire town of the dreaded "fever," by putting together a party like no other.

The annual Cabin Fever Days are back for 2023 in Martin City (located east of Columbia Falls, MT.)

3 days of whacky Montana-style antics, February 10-12th. Featuring a ton of fun events like:

Snowshoe Softball

An event that involves your favorite spring and summer sport, with a winter twist. Players must run the bases wearing, you guessed it, snowshoes.

Chicken S#!T BINGO

Picture in your mind a chicken that had entirely way too much for breakfast. Now picture that chicken in a cage with a grid of letters and numbers on the floor of the cage.

Plus...Arm Wrestling, Beer Pong, and a Mountain Man competition.

Tons of fun events, but the main event is the long tradition of "barstool ski racing." A tradition that started 44 years ago, when two guys got drunk and dared each other to strap skis to their barstools and ride them down the street. The rest is history, as the annual event draws thousands to the area.

Get more details and a full schedule of events for Cabin Fever Days here

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