Summer may be over, but grilling season is going to be around for many more weeks. In fact, for true Montanans, grilling season is a 365 a year thing. Unless you cant find your grill under a snowbank. Thankfully we are giving you a chance to win an amazing Traeger grill and $500, thanks to our friends at Freds Appliance and Parkside Credit Union. Simply download our app to find out how to enter.

I have been on a mission to use the grill to prepare every meal this summer. So far things have worked out great. You can grill just about anything, if you put your mind to it. The only struggle I am having now, is I am running out of ideas. I have had beef, pork, elk, fish, shrimp and chicken done every way I can imagine on the grill. There has got to be something else to try.

How about grilled cabbage?... Worth a try.

With how my hunting season is going so far, it might not hurt to consider vegetarian options. I am not even one week into the first week of big game archery season, and I am already in "meat crisis mode." It is a fear of not having any wild game in the freezer this winter. The fact that I can see the bottom of my freezer is frightening enough to make me shoot straight.

If you are looking for something different, or a vegetarian option for your next barbecue, try beer can cabbage.


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