You may have noticed a trend online that shows communities around the world joining together (in isolation) to show support for the healthcare workers on the frontline. But, how do we "join together" while social distancing? Simply letting out a cheer loud enough to be heard.

Missoula is no exception to this growing trend, and many Missoulians have been showing their support for healthcare workers each night at 8pm.

According to the Howl for Missoula Facebook page

 Each night at 8:00 pm while in “shelter-in-place”, please head outside your home and HOWL or CHEER for our health care workers, those on the front lines as well as remind others in our community that they’re/we’re not alone. For ALL of the essential workers out there, let’s let them know HOW MUCH we appreciate the sacrifices they are making during this challenging time. This is a great way to show our support……so please step outside to get some fresh air, and HOWL! (It really is refreshing!! I promise!) This is a great way to come together so cheer as loud as you can! We got this Missoula!

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