As a person who commutes the lovely Highway known as 93 every day, I cannot help but notice the constant stream of out-of-state plates. During my commute, I tend to contemplate things like "Gee, I wonder if they just moved here after watching every season of "Yellowstone?" Or, "I bet they are driving to Darby to snap a photo outside the "Yellowstone" ranch."

Why are people so obsessed with "Yellowstone?"

It is safe to say that some of the "Yellowstone" filming locations have experienced an uptick in business since being featured on the show. You thought Ruby's Cafe was a popular place before, now try getting a table. Not to mention some tourists just show up to the diner to snap a photo and don't even order food.

Even though we like to imagine that every California or Washington plate we see on a car is all because of the popularity of "Yellowstone." Contrary to what we think, it turns out that fans obsessed with the show are not moving to Montana. They are moving to Texas.

According to Daily Mail

Cowboy hats paired with a tailored suit, live country music and two-step dancing - it's not Yellowstone, it's Fort Worth in Texas.

America's fastest growing city is embracing Western mania in the hopes the culture will lure more residents.

With her sights set on reliable infrastructure, crimehomelessness and creating more public parks, Mayor Mattie Parker is focusing on expansion without losing the Fort Worth's character.

"Yellowstone" creator, Taylor Sheridan is from Fort Worth and recently bought the massive 6666 Ranch in Texas. Fort Worth is quickly becoming a destination for anyone looking to buy ranches or land a good-paying job.

Granted you may still have some fans of the show trickle into Montana. Rest easy knowing that not every person who has watched a single episode is going to move here and buy a ranch.

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