I have heard some pretty crazy stories from fellow outdoorsmen. Stories like the "guy who shot and tagged a llama, thinking it was a cow elk." Or, the "guy shooting the donkey, thinking it was a mule deer." But, I have always chalked them up as urban legends.

It turns out these stories may not be that far from the truth, as a hunter in Pennsylvania somehow mistook a horse for a deer.

According to Kirsten Kennedy from timesonline.com

Jordan G. Cinderich, 23, shot the animal while hunting in the woods off of Modrak Lane in New Sewickley Township.

According to the report, Cinderich took aim at what he thought was a deer and fired a shot. Police said he told officers the animal galloped away after it was hit, which he thought was odd.

Cinderich told officers he called his group over and walked up the hill to find the animal he struck, police said.

According to the report, they found a horse with a purple blanket on its back had been shot and killed.
The report says the horse was worth an estimated $16,000

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