*BURP* You know that one of the highlights of your fairgoing experience is usually the food. Every year we dream of  Vikings and Funnel Cakes. I felt like Andy Richman from Man Vs Food yesterday while I was sampling as many fair delights as I could without getting sick on the Kamikaze.

Round 1: The Legendary Viking- A mixture of seasoned beef rolled up and deep friend (Ofcourse on a stick). I was told that ketchup ruined the full experience and flavor so I had to stick with just mustard for the condiment.

Round 2: The Chuck Norris- An Amazing combination of Philly Cheesesteak, peppers, onions and french fries with pepperjack cheese melted over top. It was friggin huge. So big i had to eat it with a fork and knife. Ultra Delish-ioso.

Round 3: Funnel Cake- If it aint fried it aint fair food. Funnel cake is a classic fair food. Basically a batter simular to pancake/donut batter, deep fried and served with powdered sugar

Round 4: Huckleberry Milkshake- A Montana MUST. The Lemondairy booth makes an awesome Huckleberry shake. Simple softserve ice cream mixed with huckleberrys and syrup and blended. Huckleberries are only found in and around Montana, so those fried butter eating people in Texas are missing out.

Round 5: Tums/Rolaids- Self explanatory.

Enjoy The Fair But Eat Responsibly!

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