We are no strangers to sightings of Bigfoot here in the Rockies. Maybe not as many as the Pacific Northwest, but we do have some "Squatch Habitat" all around us. In fact, Montana is the perfect habitat for Sasquatch.

Montana averages 51 sasquatch sightings each year. Judging by our population, that means you have a 1 in 20,000 chance of seeing Bigfoot in person. Judging by the data, Montana does not have as many sightings as say Washington or Oregon. But, we also have far fewer residents living in such a big state. Even though Montana only has 52 reported Bigfoot sightings. Compared to our population, you have a 1 in 20,000 chance of seeing the hairy ape.

According to satelliteinternet.com

Bigfoots avoid high-density populations, so even if there are more sightings in a state, a larger population in any area might scare him away from sightseeing spots. You’ll want to check out the more desolate parts of the dense forests to see one yourself.

A woman in our neighboring state of Idaho had a close encounter with the hairy ape kind.

According to KIVI TV, a 50-year-old woman witnessed a "Bigfoot" chasing deer near Tensed, Idaho. She told police that she was distracted by the creature, which led her to collide with one of the deer. The police obviously found evidence of the crash, but no sign of Bigfoot. Weird!

Imagine trying to explain that one to your insurance company.

The bottom line is if Bigfoot causes my insurance rates to go up, he and I are going to have some problems.

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