Wedding season is still going strong here in the Treasure State. It seems everyday there are new photos popping up of people saying their nuptials or dancing awkwardly with Grandma. But, is Montana a good state to get married in?

Of course we have the beautiful scenery for outdoor weddings. Barring the fact that we have very unpredictable weather patterns. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. But, I never heard what they say if it randomly snows on your wedding.

The folks at Zippia are at it again, as they have dug up the data on what states are the worst for marriage.

According to the Zippia study, here is how they came up with the results

We ranked each state on 3 factors:

  • Average wedding cost
  • Divorce rate
  • Yearly rainfall in inches

First, we looked at average wedding cost according to ValuePenguin. Weddings are expensive; Even if you do live happily ever after, it’s nice if the bill is doesn’t last ever after.

After that, we examined each state’s divorce rate. We simply used data from the most recent ACS Census to find the percent of ever married couples who reported a divorce within the past year. Eat, pray, love and all, but let’s be real, a marriage ending is never a sign of a great marriage.

Finally, we took into account annual rainfall in inches according to . Rain may be rumored to be good luck on the wedding day- but when the aisle has turned to mud, you certainly won’t feel lucky.

After crunching the numbers, the study found that Montana may be the BEST state for marriage. With a rather low average cost for weddings, a relatively low amount of rain and a surprisal low divorce rate.

The WORST states for marriage are:




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