Forest fires have been a force to recon with for far longer than ISIS. Every year we are faced with smoke and flames that eat up our state and federal budgets. It is crippling to say the least. Take some of the most recent fires that are devastating California. Fires there are wiping out entire communities. Seems like all an enemy of the State would have to do is "light a match."

You may recall during World War II, when the Japanese created the first intercontinental weapon called the "Fu Go." It was essentially a weather balloon that carried incendiary devices across the Pacific to ignite fires in the Pacific Northwest.

Fast forward to our current enemy, ISIS, and their call to all supporters to set fire to national forests in the US and Europe.

According to Adam Kredo of

A media outlet affiliated with ISIS has been instructing the group's radical adherents to set forest fires in the United States and Europe to cause mass ecological disasters, according to posts on an internet forum dedicated to the terror group.

"The first poster in the series was published in April 2019," according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks the radical forum. "The text reads: ‘Oh monotheists [followers of ISIS], ignite fires in the forests and fields, and we are addressing especially those who live in Europe and America, for they are painful to them.'"

The fourth poster, released on Monday, includes similar text: "Ignite fires in the forests of America, France, Britain, and Germany, for they are painful to them."

Is this threat something that may become a reality? Who knows...But, we will continue to fight the battle against wildfires, even after ISIS is gone.

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