Only been a few days since the close of General Hunting Season here in Montana, and I'm already fiending. Luckily the Montana FWP wants us to "thin out" the Wolf population in the state. The state biologist believe that we can do without 220 wolves and so far this year we have only taken 105.

 Anybody who lives in rural areas, hunts or deals with livestock knows that the growing wolf population is a nuisance. The state has told the federal government and environmentalist to "stick it" and has given us the power to take justice into our own hands. I urge you to go buy a wolf tag anywhere they offer state licenses and "go get em". The season goes until December 31st, but the FWP is currently talking about extending the season until 1/1/2012 if the quota of 220 wolves is not met. Get more details and pictures from successful hunters HERE

You ask me " Okay K.C., Im interested in harvesting a wolf. But how do I find them elusive suckers?" Simple! Bring a hot chick and make her sing in the woods half naked . Just like in the Tex Avery Cartoons. DUH!