Queue the CBS March Madness theme song.

If that doesn't give you goosebumps check your pulse because MARCH IS HERE. It is the best time of year. Growing up my favorite days of the year were Selection Sunday (so I could fill out my bracket on a big piece of newspaper) and the first two days of the Tournament.

I still live for this time of year and fill out MULTIPLE brackets. There are so many techniques used to fill out a bracket:

  • Who I think will win
  • Who I want to win
  • Which college town would I rather live in
  • Which mascot would win in a fight
  • The better football school
  • Picks determined by coin toss

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Now there's a recent trend I discovered on Twitter. Folks are picking the matchups based on which college campus is closest to Arby's or Wendy's.

which campus is closer to the Mo Club. 
Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

All I did was search on Google Maps which college campus is closer to Mo Club. For instance, #1 UConn VS #16 Stetson was won by UConn. UConn is 2,503 miles from Mo Club, Stetson University is 2,587 miles from Mo Club... it's a close matchup but the winner is UConn.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

After going through every single matchup and wasting half my day, my official national champion based on how close in proximity the college campus is to our wonderful Mo Club is...


The Gonzaga Bulldogs are closest in proximity to Mo Club - just 196 miles away from our beautiful downtown hot spot. The National Championship featured Gonzaga and Washington State. Nevada and Nebraska won the other regions. Here's the complete bracket.

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By the way, I realize Montana State would've been in the Final Four but I disqualified them for participating in the play-in game because they're Montana State.

So congrats to Gonzaga for being so close to Mo Club.

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