Welp, there goes my day. After hoping for months, perhaps even years, my dream of dating model, TV personality and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari has officially died because she announced she's seeing a different guy. I really thought Kristin and I had something going there for a second. I really thought there was true love between us. Alas, I'm the fool. Please respect my privacy at this time.


Basically every pop culture outlet or tabloid covered this stupid story (it's only stupid because I'm jealous of the dude), but I found out the heartbreaking news from Page Six. The article reported Cavallari took to Instagram and Tik-Tok to reveal she's dating a former Montana State and Montana Tech Football player.

Who is Mark Estes?

Mark Estes is a Kalispell, Montana native, who attended Glacier High School and Drummond High School before his 3 seasons as a wide receiver at Montana Tech and 1 season at Montana State. He racked up 64 rushing yards on 6 carries and 29 receiving yards on 3 catches during his year at MSU. Now it looks like he's some sort of model.
He also lives in Nashville according to his Instagram page, but that's as far as I'm diving into his life because I feel like a creep.
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This is a big deal in the world of celebrity gossip. People is reporting this is the first public relationship for Cavaliri since she and former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler called it quits. Speaking of Jay Cutler, remember when he was in Montana hunting bears?
By the way, I love Jay Cutler as I am a big Green Bay Packers fan. He didn't play for the Packers, but he loved throwing the ball to the Packers.
Credit: Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images
Credit: Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images


I guess this is big news because Jay Cutler went "Instagram official" with a model last year.





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Could you imagine if every time you began dating somebody, I wrote an article about you? Ugh, ok that's enough celeb gossip for one day. I'm going to read the dictionary now to regain some brain cells.

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