What would be the first thing that you would think of doing after ending a long term relationship? Maybe go out with friends you haven't seen in awhile? Update your dating profile? How about jet setting to a ski resort with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to a ski resort for the weekend? What's the worst that could happen?

Just less than a month ago, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez officially announced their breakup. Now, a few short weeks later, J Lo is spotted with her ex-fiancé of 17 years, Ben Affleck. Who just recently parted ways with former girlfriend, Ana de Armas, back in January. But, where did these two decide to vacation together? Well beautiful Big Sky, Montana of course.

According to TMZ

Ben and Jen were at the Big Sky Resort in Montana, super close to Yellowstone National Park. They were staying at the same resort and were driving around together ... Ben was driving and J Lo was riding shotgun.

"Bennifer" was the couples name back in the early 2000's.  It was actually the first celebrity couple that the media started using those stupid combo names like "Bennifer."

But, does this mean the couple are igniting old flames? Or just leaning on each other after both experiencing break ups?

According to TMZ

it's rare that only J Lo and one of her exes ever hung out without kids in tow, and from what we've learned, Ben and Jennifer were solo in Montana.

We all know that more and more celebrities are vacationing in Montana. Big Sky just seems like the "go to place" for celebrities to escape. Or, at least try to dodge cameras in their faces.

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