Jeopardy has been around since the dawn of time it seems. It actually has been around since 1964. But, save that for another trivia night at your local pub. Regardless the show has been dishing out some serious quiz questions every weeknight for much of our lives.

Since Jeopardy has been airing its weeknight trivia questions, Montana occasionally gets involved.

These are usually pretty lighthearted quiz questions about the great state of Montana. Typically highlighting famous landmarks, businesses, parks, and towns in the state.

For example, just shortly after the passing of long-time Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, Montana was featured as a question on the quiz show.

If you answered, "What is a tiki bar?" You are correct.

Back in 2019, Missoula Montana was featured on everyone's favorite "Quiz Show." In case you missed it, the Missoula Osprey snuck into the list of questions about minor league baseball teams around the country.

Now it appears that Montana has made it on the show yet again. This time with a question that has been a sore subject for Montana residents for a couple of years now. Even though It does not appear that the show intentionally wrote the question to get people upset. The subject of people from around the world relocating to Montana continues to be a topic that will set off many Montanans.

Watch for yourself, and try not to cringe. (Question is at 3:11)

Maloomat Click/Youtube
Maloomat Click/Youtube

OUCH! They could have left it at being the neighbor to North Dakota. They didn't have to add an advertisement for people to move to Montana. Not to mention Ken Jennings adding in "how beautiful" Montana is.

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