Josh Homme has newly addressed the possibility of reuniting with his former bandmates in Kyuss. The desert rock act that also counted bassist Nick Oliveri as a member broke up in 1995 before Homme went on to lead Queens of the Stone Age and perform with Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures.

Without Homme, Oliveri and fellow Kyuss alumni John Garcia and Brant Bjork reformed under the name Kyuss Lives! in 2010. However, a lawsuit filed by Homme barred the group from using that moniker, and Oliveri subsequently left the collaboration. Kyuss Lives! then changed their name to Vista Chino.

Now, looking back on the situation in a chat with Kyuss World Radio that emerged this week (July 12), Homme envisioned an idealized situation where he could once again perform with his old band.

"There have been times I thought it cannot end that way," Homme admits in the interview transcribed by Blabbermouth, "and the only real way to end it correctly now would be to play."

He continues, "I have thought about this, especially in the last few years, to do something special, and even to make up for that mistake of Brant and, unfortunately, John, to make up for it. [I thought we should] play and give all the money away. Like, play for the fans — cover your costs and make it five bucks. Figure out a way to be, like, this is how the punctuation will end the sentence of this band. Because it was never about money — it never was about money. It never was about fame, and when it felt like that was the move they were making, I was so sad."

The interview with Homme arrived on the 25th anniversary of Kyuss' final effort, ...And the Circus Leaves Town, released in July 1995. But while the rocker said it "makes [him] happy" to consider the album's longevity, he acknowledged that he's more inclined to look to the future than dwell on the past.

"I'm not good at keeping memorabilia and I'm not too nostalgic because I guess it makes me feel a little sad sometimes," Homme adds. "And sometimes I feel like when I look at a picture or something, I go, 'Man, it'll never be that. That's only where it was.' So I tend to focus forward."

Queens of the Stone Age's most recent release, Villains, arrived in 2017. Last year, Homme reignited his ongoing Desert Sessions series with volumes 11 and 12 of the collaborative albums.

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