It was exactly one year ago, that I felt that I may have had one of the best weekends of my life. Turns out, I was wrong. As the "BEST WEEKEND EVER," was outdone by this year's events. When over the course of 2 days, I bagged a giant spring turkey, as well as witnessed my son WIN an archery tournament.

So what's the story?

Saturday, I was determined to fill my turkey tag for western Montana. I knew that I needed to get the job done, if I was ever going to try and fulfill my goal of the "Montana Turkey Slam." After a failed morning hunt, my hunting partners and I spotted a "Tom" in full strut around mid-day.

Wind gusts were helping and NOT helping at the same time. The wind made the "jake" turkey decoy we set up, look like it was having a stroke. That made the "Tom" a little nervous and he hung up out of range. But, he also wasn't giving up and continued to strut just out of range. He did this for almost 2 hours. We couldn't move without risking spooking the bird, so we sat and waited. I felt like I was developing "Stockholm Syndrome," from being held hostage.

Eventually, we were able to snag our decoys and go on the offensive. We managed to use the gusty winds to cover our movement and snuck within range of "Tom." After a few more failed attempts, I finally managed to catch him making a fatal mistake.

Long story short, smoked turkey sandwiches are on today's menu.

Sunday, was another BIG DAY as my 5 year old was able to show off his skills at flinging arrows. He had been practicing hard in the back yard, since his new Diamond Atomic bow arrived on Easter morning. His efforts did not go unnoticed, as he and his hunting buddy Huck, landed the top 2 spots in their class.

Thanks to Five Valleys Archery Club for putting on another great 3D shoot. And thank God for more awesome memories.


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