A white elephant gift exchange or Yankee swap is a party game where white elephant gifts are exchanged during festivities. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than to gain. -Wikipeida

Whether it's your work holiday party, or gag gifts for your friends, at some point this season, you're going to need a white elephant gift. Apparently it's also known as a 'Yankee swap', which sounds a lot more hilarious, so let's stick with that phrase.

Keeping in mind that the point of the gift is to entertain, here are 5 ideas for your upcoming Yankee Swap.

  • 1

    Anything that makes fun of the boss.

    If your boss has a good sense of humor, nothing will entertain your fellow party goers more than a fun loving dig at the boss. I picked up the "My Boss Is A Dick" pin at Rockin' Rudy's for 2 bucks. Could this cause you to find yourself in the unemployment line in 2018? Possibly.

  • 2


    Spencer's is the temple of gag gifts, find anything from A Christmas Story beer mugs to muffin top baking cups for under 10 bucks.

  • 3

    Majestic Unicorn Art

    Or maybe it's a howling wolf or some other random animal. You can typically find these classy prints at your local convenience store on the way to the party, I suggest Fast Trip on South Reserve.

  • 4

    Stupid Hat

    Can be a trucker hat with a corny saying, a Santa hat, an old PBR cap, any kind of hat will do. Because if your party involves drinking, somebody WILL end up wearing it.

  • 5


    It's not creative but it's welcome by most. And if it's consumed during the party, will eventually become entertaining via a "member that one time when" story.

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