My brother recently welcomed another member to our family. For his birthday last year, he was surprised by a new friend. A little guy who he decided to simply name "Frank." A name inspired by the old C.W. McCall song "Classified."

Frank is a Corgi, and he is a creature we never thought would join our active outdoor loving family. A little ball of lightning that has no problem fitting in with the much larger dogs of the family. In fact, he has more spunk than the other 2 dogs combined. Which explains a lot about the breed. As my brother would say "For a dog who God blessed with sawed-off legs, he is pretty quick."

It's true, even with their short legs and floppy ears, Corgis can harness the spirit of a greyhound.

This Sunday you can witness the lightning-fast speed and the adorable nature of western Montana Corgis. As Missoula Valley Corgis and the Glacier Ice Rink are hosting Corgi Races.

These races have been becoming popular in other parts of the country. With giant races held every year at Emerald Downs near Seattle. With dogs competing for up to $50,000 pots.

Missoula's races promise to make you smile, as Corgis from all over western Montana at set to race Sunday at Glacier Ice Rink.

It is FREE to attend, but if you want to register your Corgi for to race simply fill out your registration form here.

Multiple heats and races are scheduled to take place from 4 PM until 6 pm this Sunday 7/15 at Glacier Ice Rink.

Unfortunately Frank can't make it this year.

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