There is only just over a week left in January, how have you spent your New Year thus far?  Did you:

A) cuddle with your cat on the couch in front of Netflix

B) get out of the house and go support some local music

If anyone answered A, It's not too late to redeem yourself.  Even if you answered B, don't let yourself fall into couch-sitting, cat-cuddling habits now.  Get out there! Here's what to look for this week.

   Thursday, January 23


18+ | $3 | 9pm


Archeron Thodol (Bozeman)



Shramana continues their residency at the VFW with a fresh support front. Get down there to get your doom/sludge/metal fix.

Stage 112 (Elks Lodge)

21+ | $12 | 9pm

Crooks on Tape

The All-Hail

Armund Hammer

I dont know what to think of Crooks on Tape, but The All-Hail and Armund Hammer make for a good time.

   Friday, January 24

Sean Kellys

21+ | No Cover | 9pm


The Box Cutters

Told you I would find a Box Cutters Show! I know where I'll be Friday night!

   Sunday, January 26

The Top Hat

21+ | $9 | 8pm

The Toasters

No other band listed on this one, but I'm hoping to see a last minute local opening act (fingers crossed!).  If you need some more Ska in your life, this is where you want to be.