When it comes to giving directions in Montana, it usually involves landmarks. For example, "head north on Highway 200 and turn left at the giant cow, to get to Seeley Lake." Maybe you have heard yourself give directions that say "head south on Highway 93 and turn right at the bar with the naked lady in the beer glass statue, to get to Lolo Hot Springs."

Well, this past May, giving directions got a little difficult for some. As the iconic KTs Hayloft mascot was stolen.

The statue is a wooden beer mug that features a topless "cowgirl" bathing in the beer. The iconic image is featured on most of the popular bar's merchandise and marketing. It is safe to say that the statue is the brand of the bar.

The statue was returned shortly after it was stolen. But, it had been severely damaged.

According to a report from KPAX back in May of 2022

“They dumped it off in the parking lot last night,” said Frank Miller, owner of KT's Hayloft Saloon. “It is damaged. Customer came in and said, 'Your statue was dropped off.'” “At first I thought they dropped it off at the bar but that wasn’t the case,” he said.

Well, after a few months of TLC and a fresh coat of paint. The "lady in the beer glass" has finally been returned. There is just one small difference. Upon further inspection, it appears the "cowgirl" is a little more modest. She is no longer topless and is wearing a bikini top.

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