Louise Glover is a model that has appeared in FHM, Bizarre, Maxim, Loaded and UK tabloids like the News of the World, The Sun and Daily Star. She was the first British model to be named “Model of the Year” in Playboy Special Editions. She is our crush today for being the first COTD with a criminal record. At least that we know about.

Louise was found guilty in 2009 of physically attacking DJ Maxine Hardcastle at the Oceana Club in the UK. According to reports, Louise “struck Maxine Hardcastle’s head against a toilet rim up to 10 times and tried to push her head down the lavatory.” Two women fighting is like a cheesy beer commercial come to life. Check out the other girl. That scenario is so freaking hot.

Louise avoided jail time and just got community service for the brawl. Bet she cleaned a lot of toilets. This time with a brush instead of a woman’s head.