I have had somewhat of a crisis in my household lately. I have a least four pickle jars in the fridge that have zero pickle juice in them. Why? Well, about a year ago I stopped in Ronan for a beverage after a day out fishing. I wanted a shot, but wasnt in the mood for sweet/sugary, but I also wasn't in the mood for straight booze. The bartender talked me into taking a shot of Canadian whiskey and chase it with a small amount of pickle juice. I didnt know it, but from that moment on, my life would forever be changed. The acidity and saltiness of the juice kills the initial "burn" of the whiskey that makes you grimace.  Needless to say, that is the reason why I have so many jars of dry pickles.

But, now the internet is buzzing over a trend that combines pickles and cheap beer. But why?

According to Delish

it's basically the same reason you love having pretzels or French fries with a can of beer—the vinegar and salt notes complement the flavors in beer perfectly.

After the economic hit that a lot of us have taken since the quarantine began, cheap beer has been a staple. Maybe this might be a way for you to try something new, and something that will make it easier to choke down that 12 pack of Rainier. Just be aware that most people report the beer will foam after you drop the pickle.

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