Thursday morning, December 1, Missoula Police were involved in a high speed chase through town involving a suspected stolen vehicle. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says officers responded to a call about a man passed out in his vehicle.

“The officers responded to the area and did observe the vehicle leaving and initiated a traffic stop a couple of blocks away,” said Welsh. “The vehicle did initially pull over however, when the officers got out and approached the driver side, the vehicle suddenly sped off.”

During the pursuit, the vehicle crashed through a barricade on Eaton Street and entered private property.

“The vehicle eventually came to a large ditch and couldn’t proceed further,” Welsh said. “At that point, the first officer behind the vehicle got out and was starting to approach when the vehicle being chased suddenly backed up and struck the officers patrol car. The car eventually collided with another patrol car before actually stopping. The driver was taken into custody.”

33-year-old Alan Neumiller faces nine different charges including three felonies. Welsh says no injuries were reported.

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