A crash and traffic jam bogged down commuters on Mullan Road near Walmart this morning just after 7:15 a.m. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, two vehicles were involved.

"Two vehicles sustained damage and one of the vehicles went over a bank," Welsh said. "One person was transported to the hospital, his condition is unknown at this time as well as any injuries he may have suffered as a result. The investigation is on going, however, the other driver of the vehicle was shaken-up but appeared to be otherwise uninjured."

Emergency responders took the driver of the truck to the hospital, but his truck was off the road on an embankment after the crash.

"It struck the other vehicle that sustained damage initially, before careening off the roadway just off the intersection down onto a property below, after going through a fence and ripping out some foliage," Welsh said. "The vehicle came to a rest back on the bank after it appeared to make a left-hand sweeping turn that put it back on the slope toward's Clark Fork Drive."

The truck managed to stop just before crashing through another fence. No charges have been filed yet.

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