You think you're an animal lover? This guy is an animal lover.

Michael Crawford is a 68-year-old Pennsylvania man who was busted for flying to Phoenix so he could have sex with a horse. He was caught as part of a sting operation, although to be fair, since it was a horse, wouldn't it make sense to call it a "neigh operation" or a "hoof operation?"

Crawford flew to Phoenix believing he would be getting jiggy with the animal after talking to its owner online, when in reality the horse's owner was a law enforcement official. Subsequent emails contained language in which Crawford explained what he hoped to do with the horse. We're assuming this guy wanted to prove that he was a stallion, too.

Crawford, who has criss-crossed the country for years looking for horses with whom he wanted to get intimate,also brought five shirts with him in the hopes the horse would relieve itself on them as a way to arouse Crawford. Umm...okay.

Crawford had initially put out an ad over the internet. A case against him opened in October of last year.

After he arrived at the airport last Friday, Crawford was taken to a trailer to see some ponies. He was then arrested.

Crawford was reportedly confused why he was hauled to jail, since he hadn't defiled any horse. He did, however, admit to having sex with animals since 1970, which means he took that whole "free love" thing from the '60s WAY too far.

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