Ever wonder what you'd wear for bottoms if your sack weighed as much as another grown adult? Here's your answer, along with who's to blame for a scrotum this large. Last night, the TLC channel aired an hour long special about this guy we've been telling you about. He's got a rare medical condition causing him to have a 132 pound scrotum. He's a normal 49-year-old dude, he just happens to have a ball sack the size of your Sunday garbage bag. He's also very innovative, here he explains how he is able to wear a form of pants.

And who's to blame for Wesley's condition? Bad luck? Bad genes? His 70-year-old aunt has the answer.

If you say so Auntie Crazy. The good news is that Wes is getting the help he needs to live a normal life. As normal as it can get with Auntie Crazy hollering about Satan into her potato salad.


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