Some awesome person erected (pun intended) a 9-foot-tall naked devil statue in a public park in Vancouver. I don't know what I love more about this devil, that he's giving the devil horns, or that he's sporting a huge boner.

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Global News

Although I've fallen completely in love with this glorious piece of work, I have to say that I'm sure the real Satan has far more girth, the length looks about right though. And the thought of him torturing Bin Laden with it for days on end brings me great joy.

Of course the prude city officials have removed the amazing statue (imagine that work order "go take down the devil boner statue in the park!") but they don't know who it belongs to or what to do with it.

Vancouver resident (and assumed metal head) Mike Granger has penned a letter to the city asking if he can have the Satan statue for his Odditorium, he's even started a petition at I swear to you, I'm going to start my own campaign, that thing would look most excellent mounted to the top of The Blaze Jeep.

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