There is nothing like the smell of your neighborhood when someone lights ups the grill. It is fair to say that it is an extremely attractive smell for men. Now, you can bring that smell inside and enjoy it whenever. Without all the hassle of dishes or bags of briquettes.

The folks behind A-1 Steak Sauce have gone full mad scientist, and created meat scented candles....Just in time for Father's Day.

They are offering up 3 scents:

The Original Meat Candle - "The even burn of this candle fills any room with the signature aroma of A.1., conjuring warm memories of delicious meals shared with the ones you love. Pairs well with dad jokes."

The Backyard BBQ Candle - "Breathe in those memories of celebrating dad with a classic backyard BBQ. The smells of hot summer air, meat sizzling on the grill, mingled with the rich, tangy scent of A.1. while surrounded by friends and family."

The Burger Candle - "Every dad has that one burger they'll never forget. A perfectly-cooked patty, all the fixin's, and a tangy dollop of A.1. sauce that puts it over the top. This is that burger. Well, technically it's a candle, but you get what we're saying."


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