This is going to be awesome to witness! Members of your favorite local metal bands will have their names put into a random drawing. Names drawn out will formed into 5 piece bands that will be given names and will perform 15 minute sets. Sounds interesting, right?

Don't miss this! Missoula's Metal Mix Up is going down at the Dark Horse on Friday, October 13th and will include members of:

  • Blessiddoom
  • Cain & Fable
  • Chaos II Clarity
  • The Conversion
  • Corporate Defiance
  • Mahamawaldi
  • Time To Kill
  • Two Foot Titan
  • Undun
  • Universal Choke Sign
  • Walking Corpse Syndrome

Helluva line up, right? New bands will continue to form until every member has performed, all songs will be brand new and you'll only be able to hear them at this party. It's FREE ADMISSION!

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