A woman was taken to jail Monday night, August 27, accused of taking a handgun out of her bra and threatening people if they didn’t give her a drink of their beer. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, the incident occurred outside a bar in the 200 block of Ryman Street just after 9:00 P.M.

"The complainants said that the female had approached them as they stood outside smoking a cigarette and asked them for a drink of their alcoholic beverage, which they declined. They said that she then produced what appeared to be a small-caliber handgun, pointed at them and asked them again for a drink of their beverage. They offered her money to simply go away, she refused, and then went inside the bar where officers eventually located her."

Officers recognized the suspect as 45-year-old Roxanne Bunting, who still had the handgun with her in the bar. Apparently, she had been kicked out of another bar for bringing her gun with her that same night and may have been involved in a traffic accident as well.

"The first contact that officers had with Mrs. Bunting happened at about 8:07 p.m.,  when she was cited  as a pedestrian for disobeying a traffic signal, during the investigation of a traffic accident that had occurred at the corner of Ryman and Broadway," Welsh said. "It was reported later, after the incident, that another establishment had excluded her from the premises after she was found to have had a handgun in her possession."

Bunting is now facing two felony charges: Robbery and Assault with a Weapon as well as three misdemeanors including Carrying a Concealed Weapon, carrying it while under the influence, and carrying it in a prohibited place."

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