Before the answer was revealed, we were talking about which Missoula bar it might be. Some coworkers guessed Al's & Vic's, others guessed Stocks, but the correct answer was none other than the legendary Charlie B's. Dave Grohl and Lemmy would not disagree.

#4, Charlie B's, Missoula, MT

If you’re looking for a place to day-drink, Charlie B’s is for you. It opens at 8 a.m. and stays that way until 2 a.m., and there are always regulars here throwing back booze before noon. The bar is home to the famous Dinosaur Café, dishing up some of the most mouthwatering Cajun food in “Big Sky Country”. Take a seat at the bar, order one of the famous po-boys, and sip on a stiff Long Island Iced Tea, and it'll be sundown before you know it.

Ain't it the truth!

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