It is the spooky time of year. The time of year when just about everyone is interested in the paranormal. But, for some people, living and working with ghosts is year year-round ordeal.

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Haunted Business in Downtown Missoula

Just imagine working at a job where you constantly feel like you are being watched. And it is not management looking over your shoulder. Clocking in and getting that uneasy feeling that something strange is in the room with you. Or picking up the mess after a spirit tosses your inventory around the store... That is what happens every day for the people who work at the Import Market in downtown Missoula.

A local paranormal investigation team, Tortured Souls Investigations, has been invited to investigate the building that Import Market is located in. The goal is to capture evidence that the building is in fact haunted.

Import Market's owners have recently installed a number of surveillance cameras throughout the store. They had been dealing with shoplifting issues, so the cameras were installed to document thefts. What they found on the cameras was more than just someone using "the five-finger discount."

According to the Import Market Instagram page, they have what they call "Our Friendly Ghost."


In the following video, pay close attention to the candle falling on the ground. At first, we thought that the candle could have simply slid out of the cup it was in. But, looking closer, you can see the candle is flipped out of the cup. STRANGE!

"SUNGLASSES" Once again, in this video, it seems like the glasses simply get rattled off of the stand. But, if you look closer, you can see that some kind of force knocks the glasses off.




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This video shows what kind of strange things employees experience every day at Import Market.

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Check out some other surveillance footage from Import Market here.

Happy Halloween Missoula!

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